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Not my 1st pair, but probably my last…

Good quality, but super uncomfortable… the sole is not “gummy” at all. It’s more like a wet 2x4…

Awesome boots

Well I dnt usually leave reviews, but I have had mine for about 4 or 5 months now and I have no complaints the most comfortable work boots I have ever had. And for the price you can’t beat..hats off to you guys..

Great boot

Size is right on. Shipping was faster than expected delivery. Very comfortable sole. I little break in needed but nothing crazy.
Ordering another pair after holidays!

Great looking boots,very comfortable I normally use them when I ride my motorcycle.. I honestly recommend it looks good feels good

A decent book but no compose Is toe would not buy again for work

Used for Asphalt

Got a full paving season out of these boots. Held up very well and totally comfortable. I’ve been through many different kinds of boots in 27 years and I’ll be buying another pair

Joshua Mccutcheon
Prefect find

Was trying to find a good looking black leather lace up boots I was pleased as soon as I got them out of the box
I have been wearing them in little at a time they have been feeling better each time as they get broke in
Happy Day!!

Great boot

Frontier 8"

Good quality work boots, found them comfortable straight out of the box, and shipping took less time than I anticipated. Five stars from me.

Restock your inventory!

That is all

Love them

Comfortable right out of the box although I did have to oil them several times due to the leather being on the dry side. So much better to ride in than lace up boots though.

Good boots overall

Got a pair of these a couple years ago. Since then they’ve changed how they are sized. Now a 12 runs a little big and they don’t make a 11.5 in these. They also changed how they lace up. Still comfortable and I’m sure still good quality but I’m still breaking them in so we shall see.


Boots look great and feel great on. Going to buy a couple more pairs in different colors for sure.


These boots were very comfortable out of the box. Very short break in period. Wore them to Dollywood on pavement and concrete all day felt great on my feet

Great for comfortable and look amazing

Classic Frontier 8" moc toe

Frontier classic 8" moc toe hurts both of my bottom legs calf. I got bruises marks line on both of my legs. Booth needs better wider cushion by the calf areas so it can be comfortable. If I know about this issues I would of get the regular 6" high booths better. I don't recommend anyone to get 8" high booths if you like paint below the calf area bruisen.

Best boots ever …..


Would like in a shoe and a deal on resole

If you sold your shoes with a resole deal ( doesn't have to be free) it would go a long way in marketing. I love these when they are a shoe instead of boot.

Make these in an 8” boot and I’ll pair multiple pairs!

Makes in an 8” boot and I’ll multiple pairs! As a Union IW, welding and torching burns up mic toe boots within a few days!

Nice boots, But…..

Nice comfortable boots, but the sole of the boot does not last long it wears quickly and becomes very slippery on wet surfaces. Stopped wearing them till I can find a shoe repair for a new and better sole.

Comfortable on day one

Lace up hooks, pull on tab AND insoles for half the price of Red Wings. Leather is thick and soft, toebox is firm to protect your foot without steel toe. No break in period needed.


The most comfortable boots I've ever had. I have bad knees and ankles and these boots
Make such a big difference

Gorgeous boots

Great Boots

This is by far the Best Boots I've own in the 40 plus years of buying them. I've always bought Redwing but now a days thiet quality and selection has not meet my standards. However, I would have given a 5 STAR if they had not been so high in the back of my leg which makes it difficult to drive which is my profession for the last 19yrs and a bit heavy. Overall Quality, Stitching, Leather of these boots are by far the LAST BOOTS YOU EVER BUY. WHEN YOU THINK OF THE NAME BONANZA THINK WESTERN.


Excelent product