Order Info

What are your customer support hours?

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm PST


How do I check my order status?

If you have a Bonanzaboots.com account, you can check the status of your most recent orders by going to Your Account  or use our chat box and input your order number for status update.

If you don't have a Bonanzaboots.com account, please reach one of our customer service reps at hello@bonanzaboots.com with your order number and email address used for your purchase.

Why did you cancel my order?

Occasionally, orders or parts of an order are cancelled by our system for various reasons. Some reasons are:

  • Item(s) were not available for purchase
  • We had difficulty processing your payment information
  • We could not ship to the address provided
  • Duplicate orders were placed

If your order is cancelled, you will receive an email explaining the reason. You will not be billed for any cancelled items. You can contact us here with any questions.