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VENTURE PRO 6" CHELSEA - VENTURE PRO 6" CHELSEA - 5 / Black - Bonanza Boots
VENTURE PRO 6" CHELSEA - VENTURE PRO 6" CHELSEA - 5 / Black - Bonanza Boots
VENTURE PRO 6" CHELSEA - VENTURE PRO 6" CHELSEA - 5 / Black - Bonanza Boots
VENTURE PRO 6" CHELSEA - VENTURE PRO 6" CHELSEA - 5 / Black - Bonanza Boots
VENTURE PRO 6" CHELSEA - VENTURE PRO 6" CHELSEA - 5 / Black - Bonanza Boots
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About Our Leather

At Bonanza Boots, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality leather for our work boots. Sourced from US cattle, our leather undergoes a rigorous selection and treatment process to ensure it meets our stringent standards. This attention to detail guarantees that our boots are not only durable and resilient but also provide unmatched comfort and style. Each pair is crafted to withstand the toughest conditions while offering superior support and protection, embodying the true essence of "Built with Purpose".

Customer Reviews

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Start of a New Trend? Maybe!

OK, first, I must say that I rarely... very rarely, give any product a 5-Star rating, when 5 is the highest. I reserve such ratings for exceptional reviews. Second, this is my first purchase of the Bonanza Venture Chelsea boot, and only the 2nd purchase of any Bonanza boot product. Third, it's only been a couple weeks since my purchase and only 5 days of total wear since the purchase.

So, all this being said, I am extremely pleased so far with this Chelsea boot. I did have to make a change in my normal sizing and fit requirements. But, so far, due to the quality of the Bonanza leather and overall workmanship, the change has played out in my favor. Therefore, I will most certainly buy this Chelsea again, as well as consider other types of Bonanza boots.

I normally wear a men's U.S. Sz 9.5 Med in every boot brand I buy, with one exception that is European made and EU sized. Bonanza does not offer varied widths, only lengths. And, it's lengths are approximately ½ to 1 size shorter than normal U.S. sizes. Therefore, for me to find a boot that fits comfortably, I must go up ½ to 1 full size. In the case of this Chelsea, I purchased a Sz 10. Remember, there is no variation of widths, so the size is just 10. My best guess, at this point, is that the width of all Bonanza boots is somewhere between Narrow (N) and Medium (M/D). That must be taken into consideration before buying Bonanza. To repeat, however, the quality of materials, leather, detail, and overall workmanship is very good. You will not be disappointed.

I, now having bought two different Bonanza boots, am a satisfied Bonanza Boot customer. Who knows... maybe I have started a new trend for myself. As the saying goes, "If the shoe (or boot) fits..."

Clifford Magee
Phenomenal phenomenal


Chris McIntyre

First of all when i went to put them on my tge pull tab on Back broke but I bought these for work, needing waterproof because I'm in water quite a bit and before the end of the work week was out my feet was SOAKING WET so if you need comfortable they are that but not WATERPROOF

Reginald Warner
The best boots ever!

I am very impressed with the quality and construction of my new work boots. Being waterproof and construction that is outstanding. These are the best boost I have had in my lifetime.

Dedric Kerr

So far by far the most comfortable work boots I have ever purchased