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Nice boot I feel comfortable but little heavy so I will know more in few weeks. Thank you

Very happy one of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn.

Frontier boots

Excellent product, super soft and comfortable will definitely be buying an additional pair

Seem to be good quality

I've had them for a little over a week now, and my toes are killing me. The steel to feels like it doesn't sit high enough in the boot, the knuckles of my toes are constantly rubbing the steel toes, I have to wear them without insoles to fit properly.

Other than that, the seem to be made of great quality leather, the sole seems very durable


They are very nice boots. They are my new riding boots.

Top notch quality

Super comfortable and stable footing on all surfaces ruff or slick. And have gotten a few compliments from the crew

Best boots ever.

Awesome boots, not only i worn them for work related but also to go out casual. best boots ever.

The boots are very light and comfortable. I would recommend them to any construction worker out there.

Great value

These Boots are far better than my last pair of equal price. These boots seem to have better quality and craftsman’s ship. They have a better more comfortable insole. I was surprised on how nice the boots feel. Very thick leather ! I’m very satisfied with your product bonanza boots!

Comfortable boots

Had a couple of issues company took care of it very comfortable to wear

I was just checking out these Moc Toe work boots it doesn't say there waterproof that's not a good sign

They are really countable boots with the memory foam inside I recommend you won't regret of purchasing these boots,

comfortable & durable

Right out the box the Ranger Pro was extremely comfortable. The boots molded right to my foot and felt like I had been wearing them forever. They also have the trail design and feel which I really enjoy in a boot. The durable material along with the composite toe add to the hype. The water resistant levels of this boot are incredible. Thank you for making these! Highly recommend for any active worker on their feet all day!

Great Boots

Great quality, great form fit and function

Boots look great but I had yo purchase my own insoles because the ones that camd with boots are not very comfortable to me

Great wear

As a construction worker I couldn't express how helpful these boots have been. Highly recommended

Awesome boot awesome fit

So far my favorite pair of boots.
Very comfortable from day one- worn 7 times now and they’ve broken in perfect. Insole very comfortable and is removable if you need different insoles. Best bang for the buck!

Like a glove

Very comfortable, will purchase again. Very stylish gets many compliments


I have Wore a lot of boots but this where extremely Comfortable really soft inside and the look great I use them to ride, daily use and work

Frontier Moc Toe

I purchased the Frontier Moc-Toes about 2 weeks ago and have worn them daily. The thing I liked the most was there was very little break-in needed. They are very well made for the money. Could not be happier with my purchase!

Boots are comfortable not too heavy just right perfect for riding your harley



Hi there! Thank you for your interest. This specific style is not waterproof. But we do have our TITAN work boot that is waterproof. Below is the link for your reference:

Work boots

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