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SIERRA 9" LOGGER - SIERRA 9" LOGGER - 5 / Crazy Brown - Bonanza Boots
SIERRA 9" LOGGER - SIERRA 9" LOGGER - 5 / Crazy Brown - Bonanza Boots
SIERRA 9" LOGGER - SIERRA 9" LOGGER - 5 / Crazy Brown - Bonanza Boots
SIERRA 9" LOGGER - SIERRA 9" LOGGER - 5 / Crazy Brown - Bonanza Boots
SIERRA 9" LOGGER - SIERRA 9" LOGGER - 5 / Crazy Brown - Bonanza Boots
SIERRA 9" LOGGER - SIERRA 9" LOGGER - undefined - Bonanza Boots
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About Our Leather

At Bonanza Boots, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality leather for our work boots. Sourced from US cattle, our leather undergoes a rigorous selection and treatment process to ensure it meets our stringent standards. This attention to detail guarantees that our boots are not only durable and resilient but also provide unmatched comfort and style. Each pair is crafted to withstand the toughest conditions while offering superior support and protection, embodying the true essence of "Built with Purpose".

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Feel good so far. Right boot is giving me a blister on my heel but hopefully they will break in.

Phillip Beck
Sierra 9” Logger - Steel Toe - Size 12

Ordered my pair a few weeks ago. My first impression was the look and build quality. Solid construction, look great. Very professional looking boot. After wearing for a couple of weeks now, they have broken in, my foot slides in perfectly and my heels pops in. That is how a boot is supposed to fit. If it doesn’t pop when your heel slides in, they will not hold your foot tightly around the heel and you may get blisters. The shank is strong as I have worn them to climb in. I work telecom so ladders, manholes, utility poles are all in a days work. I do wear a heavyweight sock by default just because I find heavyweight socks more comfortable than thinner socks. Overall, I give this particular boot a 10/10. I’ve owned them all from all the major brands. I’ve spent 20 years, this year on my feet in boots at my job. These boots get the overall best rating, from me. Everyone’s foot is different. But this boot is built right.

Sophia Schaffer
Bad Experience

I bought a pair of boots for a job with the forestry service. The first pair I received in the mail fell apart when I took the boots out of the box. I was able to return and a new pair was sent. The second pair I received was built completely different than the first, so I returned these too. Once returned they told me they were not excepting my return because there was “dust” on the sole. This entire experience has been beyond frustrating. I would not recommend this company.

Outstanding Boots

I wore these boots in brown for over a year and a half and they where the most comfortable and well made boots I have had in years. They cut no corners in the making of these boot's. They are well made and will take what ever you throw at them and last.
I have plates in my left leg and robs in my right leg and I have broken my back twice in my life and these boots are outstanding, I could walk without any pain or problems with these boot's. A few month's ago while crossing the street in the crosswalk an unissued driver ran the red light and sent me flying. The hospital cut my pair off of me ( why couldn't have they just untied them?). Now I have pin's in my right ankle to add to everything else. But as soon as I can. I will be getting another pair of these, They are that good. If you are even just considering these boots just order them you will not be disappointed.

Mike Rock
Work boots

So far they are good. They feel pretty good. Only problem is they want on sell a week after I got them.